Life balance

Sometimes I think about myself as a lazy guy, and sometimes I think about myself as a workaholic.

I can split my life into two phases, laziness phase, and hard working phase.

During the hard-working phase, I usually do a bunch of stuff, from exercises through reading books up to side projects.
This is my daily routine for a couple of months, but at some point, I going to vacation, or installing the new game to relax, and basically this moment is the end of a hard-working phase.
In my laziness phase, I play lots of games or I’m doing nothing, just wasting a time. I’m master of procrastination. I’m able to be sharp only for ~8 hours daily so I can do my stuff at work and that all.

These phases will be acceptable if the ratio of time spent in both of them will on the hard-working side or at least it will be in middle.
But unfortunately lately that ratio is on laziness side, so I have to change this balance, I have to stop both phases and start the new one ‚Be balanced’ phase.

I have in mind a few things that will help me with being more organized and productive, but in the same time, I won’t be tired.

How to do that:

  • I’ve written down my resolution for the current year. My goal with the resolution was to create them in a way that I can objectively judge if I did them or no. For example, I want to write at least one blog post per month and read one book per two months.
    Previously probably I would set much stronger goals, which in result made me tired, and I will drop off them, so I rather want to start soft.
  • I making log book of my daily activities, so in case if I didn’t make anything useful for a few day, then this logbook will work as a wall of shame, normally I would like to hide it somewhere deep in my brain to not be ashamed of himself.
  • Remove as many as possible things that when I want to be productive.
  • I want to to give myself from time to time a break

So far my plan is working, I’m more productive and it’s very satisfying.

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